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Small happy things

Saw this for the first time: Barawk. Have big grin on face.

The Internets mean it's never too late to discover something cool and get a huge smile on your face.

Do you have something that you discovered and delighted in seemingly ages after everybody else?

Moved! (So what makes it home?)

I have moved. Finally.

I imagine everyone has their own peculiar way to make a new place home...

I've just had tea and chocolate at a local cafe -- local, that is, to the new house. This, I realized tonight, to me makes the new place properly home. Because home is the epicenter of my doses of caffeine and sweets.

Pretty silly: much more important to me, after all, are the doses of les sucres de mon coeur, but that's a different thing, and a different kind of being home -- one fortunately not at the mercy of landlords and mortgages. (Aside: I am become so very, very lucky in my people. I must endeavor to deserve it.)

And home is where the books are, and they are here, but they're all packed. Gah! Nothing like moving 3000-4000 books to make you appreciate why you might, after all, buy one of them Kindle things.

Aside: you may have New Years' Resolutions; I have Moving Resolutions. One of them is to be more organized. Actually, *all* of my current Resolutions are to be more organized. Just different kinds of organization. (Sample: I Will Defeat The Attempts of Paper To Form Geologic Layers On My Desk.) We all have character flaws, and disorganization's mine -- well, the one I'm actually interested in fixing. (Hm, that's a revealing question: "What alleged character flaws do you have that you're really not the least desirous to have fixed?")

There are not books on the shelves yet. But there has been chocolate, and caffeine, and cuddles, and there is an office in which writing is beginning to take place again. So I think it is home.

How do you make your places home?

Lucky in love

For our anniversary, wshaffer got me a present... teh awesomeCollapse )

Out of context theater, #208

"Apparently she traded her leg warmers for combat armor and a blaster."

Out of context theater, #207

"I'm considering the applications of tongues."

Out of context theater, #206

"Who needs an action scene when you have I-880?"

Out of context theater, #205

"'Heedless of the wind and weather,' my easily-frostbitten ass."


"So does this mean my alignment is Erotic Evil?"

Out of context theater, #204


"That isn't where they teach you to build giant war-machine human-form robots, is it?"

(Manaical laughter on the other end)

See, this is why I like engineers. They help me fulfill my destiny: to
destroy my enemies, dominate humankind, and defend the Earth from alien
invaders with bad hair.

Oh, and on off days, a giant robot is real useful to help little girls
reunite with their cats who've gotten stuck up trees. Why let someone
else bring the cat *down* when you can instead get the nice robot to
lift you *up*?

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Mad science behind cutCollapse )

Pachelbel's Canon Eats Everything

Pachelbel's Canon in D is, of course, lovely, and you can enjoy an amazing electric-guitar arrangement of it here:


But today I learned the awful truth! Everything is Pachelbel's Canon! Listen and weep in awe and terror:

OMGIizdedoflaughter. Is too bloody true! Pachelbel is the Cthulhu of baroque music...

Out of context theater, #203

"I understand backrubs sometimes escalate."